Monday, 31 May 2010

Design Studio - Elena Manferdini

Final project

The project is a reinterpretation of the current Loggia, designed by Andrea Palladio, surrounding a gothic Basilica, situated at the Palazzo del Signori in Vicenza, Italy.
The formal language of the new fa├žade design is inspired by both gothic architecture and byzantine art, and created by the manipulation of lines.

The formal line work is generated in 3d software and translated into architectural elements, using extrusion, blending, lofting and weaving. Unlike Palladio’s Loggia did, this reinterpretation is trying to blend the new interior to the reinterpretation of the loggia by the line based design, resulting in a fluent movement connecting both interior and exterior.

Line drawing front view

Impression of the design, a reinterpretation of Palladios former loggia for the Basilica in Vicenza.

Render eye perspective

Render front view facade

Render entrance area

Render of detail: stairs

3-d print: top view

3-d printed model in site model: Vicenza, Piazza del Signori

Exercise 3: strands

In collaboration with Lusine Miribyan

3-d print of half facade

3-d print of half facade

Render of facade addition

Render of front view

Render of concept sketch

Exercise 2: folding surfaces

In collaboration with Lusine Miribyan.

Model picture - manipulating the surface

Model picture - light

Model picture - basic concept - inside

Model picture - basic concept - outside

Digitizer - Rhino - Render in Maya

Model picture - entrance area

Exercise 1: masses & volumes

In collaboration with Lusine Miribyan

Detail picture of 3-d print - spacial quality in facade tissue

Picture of 3-d print - modular facade tissue

Drawing front view

Drawing axometric view

Modules & Perspective view

Form study of modular system

Form study of modular system - close-up

Form study of modular system - hierarchy

Graphic impression

Graphic impression

Computational Design - StereoKaleido

In collaboration with Evelina Sausina.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Contemporary Detail | BMW Gina

Picture of model. Front view of outer facade. Materials: Laser cut sections, fine steel mesh, stocking.

Picture of model. Inner facade.

Line drawing. The design of a part of a building facade, inspired by the tectonic qualities of BMW Gina.

Line drawing presenting the components and the relationship between the components of the design.

Render of the digital model showing the outer facade of the design.

Render of the digital model, showing the inner part of the facade design.

Line drawing showing movement of BMW Gina door. And a vision about the mechanical components of the door.

BMW Gina: concept car.

BMW Gina: concept car. Detail of fabric covering the mechanical components of the car.